About Us

This blog is all about the appreciation of Scotland’s literary culture. We appreciate the excellent works of literature our Scottish writers have bestowed upon us, and so we want to share the same creations with the world.


While there are thousands of them, not all Scottish writers are recognised as literary artists with brilliant minds. And, unfortunately, many of them go through life without any sort of acknowledgement.

As a result, these Scottish writers are discouraged from pursuing better situations and more rewarding careers. So rather than go out there, they choose to be silent. And with their silence goes their masterpieces.


That’s why we need a change, and this blog is all for it. What we’ll talk about on this website is anything and everything about our Scottish writers. This includes their life, works, and the organisations that can bring promise to their careers.

We’ll also discuss their activities, the writer groups they belong to (and how to become a member), writing resources, and more. We aim to increase their exposure and even offer this blog as a platform to express themselves.


In promoting the literary culture of Scotland, we want people around the world to see Scottish writers in a better light. We know that their works are worth reading. And thus, with our website’s help, everyone can easily access their masterpieces.