Three Ways to Show Support for Scottish Writers

As our Scottish writers would know, writing is fun. But the journey to becoming a writer can be lonely for others. That’s why you should show some support when you can.

Acknowledge their work

Writers around the world appreciate it when you recognise their work. For some of them, this recognition is a form of extra support and mood-booster. For other writers, it’s the main thing that encourages them to keep writing and get by each day.

Either way, remember to acknowledge and thank writers for their work. Tell others about it, too. If you can sign in to your account on a casino to play some games, you can just as easily access social media networks to help writers promote their work. And if you mean it, praise these writers for what they do.

Mingle with them

Engage in conversation and have fun with writers. Tell them relevant information, including how you read about them and their work. If you follow their career, discuss it with them.

Also, consider sharing your opinion about their work. If you admire their writing style or enjoyed a particular literary piece from them, let them know. Especially if they asked for it, your thoughts matter to them.

Refer them

If someone is asking for recommendations on great literary pieces, tell them about the works of these writers. And if this person wants to learn more information about the writers, give them names. Feel free to talk about the profiles of the writers, too.

The idea is to increase awareness, and your goal is to offer more exposure to these literary greats. The more exposure they get, the better.